Tactical LED Flashlights Review - Klarus 360X3

Tactical LED Flashlights Review - Klarus 360X3


Tough and ergonomic design, Klarus 360X3 is made of the mainstream 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum alloy material. The CNC machining shell has been made with the surface of the three-level rigid anodizing treatment of the military standard. Compared with the previous XT series, I personally believe that 360 is more versatile in hand feel. The body of the cylinder is embedded with high-quality soft silica gel, which is not cold to the touch. It is suitable for use in winter, and can effectively increase the friction force.

The total length of the flashlight is about 153mm, the tube head diameter is 41mm, the tube body diameter is 27mm, such a size is not long in the hand is not short.


In general, this flashlight in many places can reflect unique originality, for example tail cap 360°Ring Switch design, this design is for the user in the replacement battery opened the end cap, can be relatively easy to open, thread increased friction, erected at the end of the end cap adopted double spring gold-plated thickening design, it is now a new generation of standard flashlight, double spring design can more effectively reduce the resistance, prevent the battery to loosen, guarantee the battery life can fully play a role, but there is a little to the novice is not particularly friendly, does not show the battery installation is negative,It is suggested that the battery wall should be marked with positive and negative poles for the convenience of ordinary users who are not professional tung oil. I remember that such a proposal has also been made = = the manufacturer may not have noticed. Although the flashlight itself has a locking function, the manufacturer placed a gasket between the battery and the spring before leaving the factory to prevent the flashlight from accidentally opening.



After a period of use, it is summarized as follows:


The size is just right for playing with;

Orange leather light cup, coated lens, American CREE CREE second generation flood light foot, long range;

Patent tail switch, no dead Angle 360 ° of the operation of the SAO gas

The anti-skid design is in place throughout the body

Disadvantages and Suggestions:

Add battery positive and negative pole marking inside

The soft adhesive compactness at the charging point is further strengthened.


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