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  • Unique adjustable head suitable for a variety of applications, with a beam angle of up to 90 degrees according to requirements
    • To provide 'hands-free' illumination, affix it to a metal surface using the magnetic interface at the bottom of the flashlight or use the clip to

  secure the AR10. Then adjust the head to obtain the required beam angle

  • Recharge rapidly and conveniently using any USB port
    • Max output 1080 lumens, max runtime 220 hours
    • Side switch incorporates a specially designed lock function to prevent accidental illumination. This precludes power drainage during storage

  or travelling and prevents eye damage should children play with the flashlight
• Smart temperature control system protects the LEDs and internal components to ensure safety and stability
• Battery capacity indicator light displays remaining charge, enabling you to control your lighting time by choosing the mode according to the

  battery capacity
• Reverse-battery protection prevents damage to both flashlight and battery
• Large smooth tail interface, able to stand upright for use as a candle
• Aircraft grade aluminum , Military III hard anodic oxidation, wearresistant, portable and strong
• Tempered glass lens with AR film plating for durability and scratch resistance
The unique design and ease of use make the AR10 your best choice for auto repairs, hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities